Sunday, 5 August 2007

Why be bitchy about Boden?

I’m annoyed with myself for being irritated by the Boden-blogs article, but annoyed I am. Why be bitchy about Boden? I find their fabrics interesting, any garment I have bought has been well made and, making the most of the special offers, the prices are reasonable.

The catalogue is quirky, but buying a couple of items doesn’t mean you buy into a phoney lifestyle. I buy tee-shirts from Orvis but that doesn’t make me a keen fisherman. I used to read Country Living but didn’t believe it was anything more than a magazine published by the huge Hearst Corporation.

(Oops! Ignore that bit. I was taken in by the C.L. blog con after all.)

However, it’s become fashionable to knock Boden. Rosie Millard in the Independent had a go at them a few weeks back, now it’s Kate Muir’s turn, maybe a few others have joined in. I don’t often read lifestyle articles, my real life is too busy.

Once again I’m reminded of a small girl I saw in our village library, choosing books with pink covers, such is the power of style over substance. A bit like Ms Muir’s journalism perhaps.


Elizabethd said...

Good points. What next? M and S? Lasura Ashley? Journalists just need something to have a go at, if it's not shopping it will be the late Princess D.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I quite often buy M&S blue harbour stuff - blokes clothes - love their jumpers . . . now I don't think that makes me a bloke does it?

Anonymous said...

I think Elizabethd has hit the nail on the head. Journalists have to keep in work otherwise someone a bit more flash might swoop in and take over. If that's how they make their money then I just think they are sad.

Crystal xx

bodran... said...

I just want to know why they didnt pick me?? bodran? boden? it's neeeearly the
I make mobiles from old cutlery and glass marbles and beads, you'll see them in "Pye powder" in ludlow if you ever go...i to have a bead fetish and have boxes of them along with the marbles..i hope you can meet up with us next time we get together..x

patsy said...

It's the Tall Poppy Syndrome isn't it? Boden is popular for exactly the reasons you give LBW but as soon as it, or anything else, gets too well known, it gets cut down by snide remarks.
Clearly the company found a niche and tapped into a desire for well made, reasonably priced (in the sale) clothes. If it didn't appeal, it wouldn't have been so successful would it?
Now if there are no journalists around, I'll be wearing my Boden summer dress out to Gerard's Pizzaria tonight!

patsy said...

Forgive me please change LBW to LWB!

lampworkbeader said...

Hi Bodran
I'm a bead freak too. I wish I could meet up with you but I live in West Sussex which is a bit too far. i have been to Ludlow though. We stayed for a long week-end in the Feathers a couple of years ago. i loved the place. Is Pye Power a craft shop?
Best wishes LWB

Pondside said...

You're completely right - it's substance over style. They didn't choose to print my comment but I asked "Who's had a bad day?" and said that it was sad that good journalism wasn't in evidence, just nastiness aimed at other women, and that I thought that we had come far beyond that.

Faith said...

The Boden catalogue gets sent to me but I've never bought anything. I like some of the stuff but I never get round to ordering. I wear the same clothes, year in and year out, with the occasional splurge of spending.

Good little blog!