Thursday, 4 October 2007

How I got on at the Samaritans' Craft Fair

One of the best things about having a stall at the Samaritan Craft Fair, apart from the obvious one of helping a wonderful organisation, is that everyone is so positive and cheery. I’d had my doubts. I was staying the weekend with a close friend, the person who’d asked me to have a stall in the first place and a committed Samaritan. I could hardly back out, whatever the weather, but the day before the fair was so wet I’d feared drowning on the M25. I expected the fair to be a washout.

The Craft Fair was set in a lovely house and garden that’s not usually open to the public. The owner and organiser greeted me like an old friend, despite the fact I’d just mistaken her husband for the gardener. (Well he was dressed in overalls and raking the leaves off the lawn. And it was the type of house to have a gardener. Very grand! I only realised my mistake when he entered the house wearing his boots.)

Despite steady drizzle, the lady of the house assured me the weather would be lovely and it was. How could the sun not shine on the Samaritans.

I have never been at a craft venue where everyone was so resolutely cheerful and supportive. Though I know from my experiences from Purple Coo, that goodwill is surprisingly infectious. Stall holders helped to look after each others stalls and praised their rivals work to potential customers.

I even smiled reasonably sweetly as I extracted my bright glass beads from the hands of yet another sticky toddler. Agreeing once again that, ‘Yes they did look exactly like sweeties.’ Though secretly wondering why the little poppet wasn’t firmly restrained in the pushchair.

Visitors came to the fair determined to buy. I had a good day and came away a satisfied and happy bead maker and the weekend was made doubly pleasant because I was staying with old friends.

I can’t say I returned home any richer. Craft fairs are full of temptations. I really did need a craftily turned wooden salt pot, some excellent hand made soap, that exotic chutney and, as for the plant stall…Well, need I say more.

Several people have asked where to buy my beads. They are currently displayed in Concepts in Art, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex and Simply Unique, East Mey, Caithness.

I’ll also display a few on my blog in case anyone is tempted. If you are, please send me a PM for further details.

The flat beads (£14.50 + p&p) are threaded on silver wire (approx 40cm) and the beads have gold inclusions, one on a yellow background, the other on a turquoise background.

The bead drops (£19.50 + p&p) are on silver wire (approx 40cm) but the drops themselves are white metal with white metal beads in addition to the glass beads. The first drop is mainly mauve and orange glass, 2nd Turquoise and mauve glass, 3rd I call my 'Garden Beads', red raised flowers on a cream background, 4th a flat orange flower with a small black centre.


Casdok said...

So pleased to hear you had a good day.
They are lovely, very clever.

Fennie said...

Your beads are so lovely LWB I'll have to tell Elder Daughter who makes jewellery in her spare time, necklaces and bracelets. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I can see that you have a real love for glass.

mountainear said...

This time when I looked at your beads - and jewelery - I double clicked on the images to enlarge them. And WOW! those beads are fantastic!
I feel seriously tempted.

elizabethm said...

your beads are beautiful and your day sounds a real success.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Ooooo I can just imagine how you thought . . . uurrgghh why did I agree to that . . but it went ok . . good for you. Laughed at the mistaken gardener.

Your jewellery is beautifull. How wonderful to be so creative with your hands. Gawd got glass bead envy now

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you had a lovely day and although I have never had anything to do with the Samaritans, I will agree that it is an excellent cause.

Crystal xx

Pondside said...

Very interesting to hear about your day. A craft fair in a private home would be quite rare over here. Your beads are just beautiful.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

beautiful beads amazing detail ...very tempting

Suffolkmum said...

I'm tempted too, they're beautiful. Sorry I didn't make it on the day, we had a really busy day and the children weren't really up to a 45 minute car journey. Maybe next time .... glad it went well.

laurie said...

that day sounds lovely. glad you made enough $$$ to patronize other stalls. that's a good day.

my little sister sells her photography at craft fairs now and again. she always worries that nobody will stop at her stall, but people always do.

good samaritans abound.

Inthemud said...

Glad the craft fair went well, The necklaces look very pretty, i will have to make a visit to see them at Hurst, next time i'm over that way.

Mistaking the owner for the gardener, easily done!! Made me smile.

Disco was a success, all the children had a great time, only a few boys were a bit silly! boys will be boys!

PG said...

Absolutely gorgeous work, and a brilliant cause (I have used the Samaritans when I was a messed up teenager and they were a lifeline).

Do post more pics of your beads please!