Sunday, 13 May 2007

Wine and water

My Man’s cooking the dinner, I’ve just had a couple of gulps of red wine and I’ve been sitting curled up in the armchair thinking what to write. Sounds good eh? Are you jealous? Actually I’m feeling really fed up. It’s been one of those days, starting full of promise, that didn’t live up to expectations.
Early on it was sunny so I breakfasted early and was ready to wheelbarrow my tomato plants down the allotment, when it started to pour with rain. It’s been torrential all day. Twice I tried to do things in the garden and twice I got soaked.
Then I tried to plan lessons for the week but I’ve mislaid a vital science book. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but somehow I’ve landed up as home tutor to a delightful girl with ASD and ME. I was told she was gifted, in English I presumed. Well they’d hardly ask me to teach maths would they? Ha! Ha! Now I’m teaching English, Science and Maths to a girl who’s gifted in Maths. She has a very exact approach to life and I’ve lost her science book. I’m not looking forward to Monday. It starts in a unit for troubled children with a young person who often throws my carefully prepared work on the floor accompanied by colourful expletives. (Note how polite I’m being) I usually have to frantically improvise just to keep him in the room. Then I’m off to a delightfully eccentric household and a languid girl in her pyjamas who knows more maths than I do.
I thought giving up full time work would be easy. I’m writing this rather than facing working my way through another chapter of her maths book. Hysteria is setting in. - another gulp of wine.

The sun finally came out around 6.15 pm and I sought refuge in the greenhouse to pot up some seedlings. My man has been replastering a hole in the bathroom wall (don’t ask) and swearing when it went wrong.. He came outside for a breath of fresh air, decided to clean the greenhouse glass, threw a bucket of cold water and it went straight through the greenhouse window and onto me. I’m now wearing a completely new set of dry clothes and he’s cooking the dinner. Need I say more.


elizabethm said...

oh dear, sorry but i laughed at the greenhouse cleaning story! hope you have a lovely evening to make up.

Suffolkmum said...

Oh my God keep slurping the wine!! Had to laugh at the water incident - hilarious - though of course I wouldn't have thought so if it had been me! At least he's cooking. What a challenging job you have, I'm in awe.


I was once offered a psot teaching "difficult" excluded children at home but chose a full frontal labotamy as the less painless experience.

You are an exceptioanlly bravewoman and should have a "I have been good today" cetificate AND a smiley sticker if you keep it up !

Pondside said...

Sorry but I had to laugh at the water thrown through the greenhouse onto you! It could only happen in a movie! It sounds as though you managed to salvage something from the day - a glass of wine, a cozy chair and husband-cooked dinner. It's not all bad!

countrymousie said...

Oh dear I laughed - I am sorry - just pictured you drenched with your seedlings. Hope dinner went well - mine made me a toasted sandwich - dont ask!!

Posie Rosie said...

Could taste that red wine and felt very envious, but after reading about your day you desrve it. I taught for a number of years and think you are an absolute saint in what you have taken on ion the work department, well done you.